Heather Green

Disciplines: Communications, Environmental Education, Fine Art, Science Illustration
Regions: Borderlands, Gulf of California, Sky Islands
Chapter: Tucson

Website: http://www.heathergreen-art.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My projects and installations examine historical and ecological narratives of the Northern Gulf of California and Sonoran Desert, exploring and paying homage to peripheral or even vanishing places and species whose delicate survival depends on our awareness of them. The majority of my work focuses on La Cholla, a small headland in Sonora, Mexico, a place I have known my whole life that has been vulnerable to development and diminishing habitat.

Through a phenomenological investigation of counting, charting, collecting and displaying what is found in this region, I invite speculation about what can be known and what will remain unknowable, what can be seen and what may never be seen again. Whether photographing the movements of the tide, interviewing fishermen, conferring with regional scientists, or combing the shoreline— investigative fieldwork inspires and informs my projects.

In order to offer the experience of place as a multidimensional, multi-sensory immersion, my installations use a wide range of media and interactive elements. Whether turning a handle to view a moving image or taking away a hand-printed card, I invite the audience to engage visually as well as haptically, allowing an opportunity for participation that calls for more sustained attention.

Aside from the rich conversations and friendships with the larger 6&6 group—my hope in participating in this project is to approach the collaboration organically, allowing question(s) or problem(s) to be generated by one-on-one walks or excursions, or simply a series of conversations. If possible my preference would be to contribute to those questions/conversations in a way that reveals something unique—to create a project that does not simply illustrate previous research.

The best way to explore my work is on my website, heathergreen-art.com. Each piece has a project statement and images and side categories you can click through.