Charles Hedgcock

Disciplines: Photography
Regions: Arizona Uplands, Borderlands, Sky Islands
Chapter: Tucson

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have been a professional photographer in medicine and the life sciences for 27 years. I am a Registered Biological Photographer (RBP) and a Fellow of the BioCommunications Association. Currently I participate in the Sky Island Alliance’s Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment (MABA). MABA is a multi-year, multi-faceted assessment supported by institutions in Mexico, the U.S., and Europe that draws upon a broad well of resources and expertise as it confronts North America’s pressing natural resource issues that span international borders. As the primary photographer for the MABA project I travel with groups of biologists and naturalists to remote mountain ranges in Southern Arizona, Northern Sonora & Chihuahua Mexico, documenting the expeditions, habitats and the diversity of live found there. I am also a Black and White fine art photographer. I continue to practice the traditional tools of my trade, processing film and producing archival silver gelatin prints in my darkroom. I am happy to lend my skills as a photographer to research projects.

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